24 of the best, most creative kids collages

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Collage with a border

I’ll bet you can’t believe that there could really be (at least) 24 great collage activities that kids can do, right?

I know many preschool and kindergarten teachers and parents who think collage for kids means, taking leftover pieces from other projects and pasting with them. You may be one of those that has no idea how varied collage can be.

To begin, I do not think of kids collages as the type of collages most adult collage artist do. Those are more abstract pieces of artwork that often consist of photographs and other odds and ends found around the home.

I first started out this post with the idea of bringing together all the various collage ideas that I have on this blog itself. As I got ready to put stuff together I decided to give a quick look on Pinterest  to see what other types of kids collages are out there before I only presented mine.

Well…hours later…here is my post…24 amazing collage ideas of which only about half are mine.

I will begin with basic collage. Basic collage is using an assortment of materials to allow children to paste and design with them any way they want to. The first collage is of the most basic types of collage that most people know about.

from picklebums

This collage uses various collage materials at Picklebums.

You may of course, want to do a basic shape collages which includes the circle, square, rectangle and triangle.

Video 88 0 00 00-01

Another way people use collages is at times to decorate an item with collage materials. This way the kids get to do art freely and the still get a more defined project

fish collage 

That would be typcial of these fish collages from Little Family Fun

Or if you wanted to use defined shapes to just collage with them then something like this almost like the heart collage for Valentines day.

Another post that shows this type of collage is the alphabet art collages

t collage

Then there are collages where you just use different kinds of materials that the children can explore and paste with like the fabric collages below made into cards.

fabric card collages

fabric collages for cards by kiinzel.

spring collage

Go outdoors for a walk and bring in nature’s materials for spring collage  by crafts and art for children

cardboard collages

Go 3D with some cardboard collages by art lessons for kids

and then even more 3D

wood collage

with wood pieces collage by The artful parent 

Do something a bit different with a hole puncher and some reinforcements and make some

hole punch art collages

hole punch art 5

Add some color to the glue

colored glue collage 

for a  colored glue collage by Casa Marias Creative Learning Zone

Experiment with color mixing and do a

color study collage 

color study collage by you are my fave

painted tissue paper unfoldedor make your own collage papers with various techniques

Then  are the collages that really get the children to  start thinking and planning more.

There are torn paper collages where the children cannot use scissors at all

Video 26 0 00 00-01

Magazine faces collages where they have to cut out face parts from magazines to collage and finish the picture

finished face 2

2 different kind of people collages .

all about me montages and a different version of all about me collages

me montage 1

And a 2 part interesting collage where they create a background and then add the people

2 posh little divas

They start by making some collage art with backgrounds by Mom to 2 posh lil divas and then add the people

Then there is an interesting collage where they paste down strips of magazines and then cut out the collages into other pictures

magazine paper collages 

magazine paper collages by The princess the pirate and the dinosaur

Another technique where they tissue paper collage the background first and then add the trees

tissue paper tree collages

tissue paper tree collages by intellidance

And a mixed media idea with drawing and natures materials.

flowers and fairies

Flowers and fairies by childhood 101

There are the seasonal collages like this snowman below

snowmen collage

snowmen collage by laugh paint create

and there is my own version of winter collages

Video 34 0 00 00-05

another landscape type of collage

magzine pieces and tissue paperusing magazine pieces and tissue paper by se7en

and last but not least try giving the children a recipe of materials that they can use to create their very own special collages.

 collages with recipes

art recipe 1

I really hope you make full use of all these collages because they are some of the best art activities for young children of all ages.

Have I missed any?

24 best collages

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Sharon says August 28, 2013

Wow who knew there were so many ways to collage. This is a great list. I run a story time program for preschoolers and will be able to use many of these ideas. Thank you!

gary says August 28, 2013

Great Sharon.I am always happy when I can get people into collage.It’s truly my favorite kids art activity

Carrie @ Crafty Moms Share says August 30, 2013

What a fun round-up of collages! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

Anna@The Measured Mom says September 7, 2013

I LOVE this collection of collage ideas! You’re right – I’d never have guessed there would be so many. Pinning! And thanks so much for sharing at After School.

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