Try these many dot art activities, not all dot art are collages

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As we get into full swing at our summer art camp, we are making art that mimics children’s books and their illustrations. A book on dots is next up so I did my research looking for some good dot activities.

Three of the activities are actually right out Pinterest but, it was easy to determine how to do the activity and I didn’t have to go find it on a website. (which wasn’t listed anyway)

The first one uses q-tips and small bits of paint. Dot art with q-tips from jojoebi-designs


jojobi designs

The second one,  dots on black paper   is also using q tips but, it is with a twist as it goes onto black paper which  is quite dramatic. It is from Tanya’s Treats for Teachers

dots on black paper

 The third prints with round, circle object to make large dots on paper. It is  printing with dot objects from Pinterest

printing dots

The fourth is a  5 dot art from My Creative Art.

5 dot art The 5th is another idea from Pinterest .Erasure dots with pencil erasers and paint.

erasure dots

Then there is another idea from Pinterest using paint chips form the paint section of a paint store. It’s paint chip dot art

paint chip dot art


Then we have bubble wrap dot painting from So Says Sarah


bubble wrap dot painting

Some coffee filter dots  from Play Dr Mom


coffee filter dots



And a really cool image from this room full of dots.

room full of dots

 Enjoy your dot making.

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Perri says July 15, 2013

I actually also saw a painting activity that uses a plunger and paint outdoors that can fit right in with this theme.

gary says July 15, 2013

I actually also saw that activity on Pinterest. Thanks

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