Aluminum foil art: 10 different ideas

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Aluminum foil is one thing that most homes usually have. When you’re stuck with ideas for art aluminum foil art is pretty and plentiful. Here are 10 ideas for you to do with aluminum foil (or tin foil or silver foil if you call it that)

The first one is from this blog. This post just shows you how Make a color wheel using aluminum foil as the palette. Of course, you don’t have to only make a color wheel but, you can use it to mix different colors as seen in the image below, and then use those colors for the picture.

painting 4

This one is pretty simple. I’ve alsways used aluminum foil pieces as part of collage pieces but, this post reversed the techniue. What she does is have the children pasting tissue paper on aluminum foil .  Picklebums


The next idea is for making Easter eggs. It does not have to be so traditional. The basic idea is painting on aluminum foil and then  scratching on some paint with a q tip to see through to the foil. This is from  paper crafts for children but, I also saw on a different site how they used black and Orange paint for A Halloween theme and had the children scratch out a picture from painted black and orange paint.

scratch off with q tip

This beautiful leaf relief by Cassie Stephens is a great activity but, not for real young ones.

leaf relief

You can always fall back to just giving the children permanent markers on foil.   Pinterest has a simple image of it.

markers on foil

In this activity, aluminum backed pictures all you use the foil for is to back this picture that is done on see through matereial. Its supposed to have the effect of stained glass The evolving homemaker

aluminum back pictures

Easy and pretty aluminum foil necklaces from make and takes

tin foil necklaces


A bit more complicated but, nice just don’t expect your little ones to make such perfect glue designs with embossed over dried glue by postris.

embossed over glue

This activity, making foil fish by skimac was done in a similar fashion  our camp. We gave the kids a bunch of fish images to copy onto foil paper and then to cut them out and put them onto their ocean background that they had already made. In this post they do something interesting to the fish to give them scales.

foil fish

Foil sculptures by Mrs Knights Smarter Artists can be done  with many ages. Another thing to do with foil sculptures is to use them as a base for paper mache people.

foil sculpturesSo go get out your aluminum foil and start crinkling.

9 aluminum foil art


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katepickle says August 14, 2013

We love using foil in our art!
Thanks for these great links and for including our collage on foil. You might also like the direct link for our drawing on foil image that you used. You can find the post here

gary says August 14, 2013

Ok Kate, thanks I didn’t realize that I didn’t give the direct link

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