7 stained glass window ideas to let the light shine through your kids art

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Stained glass is a beautiful style of art through the ages as seen below, that many teachers, art teachers and parents have tried to modify for their children’s art projects.

Stained Glass SMSG 6

Terence Faircloth via Compfight

Below are 7 posts on different ways that you can do stained glass art with your kids.

The first two are actually from the same site called happy hooligans

The first one is done by using tape to make the divisions for the stained glass and the children use paint to fill in the boxes the tape makes.

stained glass with paint & tape 

The second one from happy  hooligans uses a completely different technique. This technique actually allows the light to shine through the art instead of making it look like stained glass.

2nd from happy hooligansThe third is full of gorgeous color. Its from the website called 2m4art and this one is a post about the bloggers daughters artwork that she calls Sophies art

stained glass with sharpies

Then next one is actually from a post of mine where I gave all kinds of ideas for tissue paper crafts and among the ideas was this one for a

tissue paper stained glass project that you can do with paper plates.(This post has all sorts of tissue paper crafts you can do as well)

stained glass tissue paper with paper plates

 The one below is also stained glass but, not of a permanent type. In this post, what we do all day. com allows her children to actually put real pieces of tissue paper all over her windows to make real window stained glass art.

celophane pieces on window

 The activity below from the well known artful parent uses colored index dividers to allow her children to create yet a different stained glass art.

using index dividers

 the last one I have for you is a bit different in that watch me plan and learn uses beads and other shiny materials to make stained glass without using any tissue paper or colored sheets.

stained glass with beads

I think I covered them all. If you have any other ways that you make stained glass art I’d love to see it.

stained glass roundup

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katepickle says June 6, 2013

Ooh I loved the stained glass look… so many great ideas here

gary says June 6, 2013

Yes some of them are really stunning. Thanks so much for visiting

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