What can you do with wine corks? Try a couple of these easy cork craft ideas.

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You may have to wait for holiday time to do some wine cork crafts unless you’ve been collecting wine corks for a while.

There are a a few kids crafts ideas I found that you can do with corks and then a couple of really cool adult cork art images for you.

The first one shows you how you can make cork monsters by she knows. I would give the children an assortment of things that

cork monsters


stick into the cork, glue and small items that they can use to complete their monsters or people.

The second one is cork paint stampers  by the picky apple.

You can do this activity with the colors of the season or the holiday. This looks like a fall project.

stamp with paint


The third is similar to the monsters above and are cork dolls from  increations.

cork dolls
The fourth one uses an assortment of household items like these buttons on corks by all free holiday crafts.
buttons and stuff
Of course, you don’t have to only use buttons.
The last one uses something, that I can’t tell what, to make letters on the corks. I would use the same
technique but I would cut up rubber bands and have the children create rubber band designs.
Then they can stamp them into some paint and then onto paper.
rubber bands
To show you how creative adult artists can be with so many different kinds of materials take a look at the
3 types of art the artists below were able to create with cork. Lots of cork.
art with corks
It’s not really such an easy material for children to use in an open ended manner but, I hope you got inspiration
from the ideas above.

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Danya Banya says August 27, 2013

All great excuses to have a boozy night, lol! 🙂

gary says August 27, 2013

Hey, Danya Banya…welcome and don’t drink too much

Cara says September 14, 2013

Hi there! I just discovered your site recently,and I’m absolutely loving all of the great ideas you’ve got to share. However, I do have one small correction: the second photo, of the Autumn Cork Painting is actually from my blog, The Picky Apple. You can see the full post here: http://www.thepickyapple.com/blog/2011/10/13/autumn-cork-painting

gary says September 15, 2013

Thank you so much and you are so right. I just changed the links on that post. I often find ideas on Pinterest and follow them back to their source. However, this one did not seem to have a source, just a blog name so I linked to pinterest and wrote that blog name. It now has your links in it.

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