Valentines crafts for kids: Hearts, hearts and more hearts

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valentines crafts

This Valentines crafts for kids, for preschoolers and for kindergarten age kids is one that most little girls will love. Anyone who has little girls or teaches little girls knows that one of the best things little girls love is hearts.(and rainbows)

So obviously when looking for some valentine craft ideas for kids the best place to start is with hearts. Of course, boys can make these Valentines arts and crafts as well, I am just pointing out little girls obsession with hearts

You may think that hearts are only for Valentines day, but little girls they will tell you that hearts are for all year round. They will sit and color endlessly making hearts and more hearts. Boys will make a  valentines craft if you tell them they have to.

If you notice in the picture above there are all kinds of hearts. There are large hearts, medium size hearts and small hearts. There are hearts out of tissue paper, shiny paper, aluminum foil, felt and a few other types of paper. Whatever you have in the house can be used to cut out different size hearts.

After you have cut out the hearts, place them in various plates or flat containers to present them to the children. You can sort them based on size or color, whichever way is most pleasing to the eye for children.

Some things to do with those heart for valentines crafts

  1. You can just give the children an array of the hearts with some glue, some string, a hole puncher and see what they do with them
  2. Give the children an empty piece of tagboard and have them collage using the hearts they choose
  3. Give them a piece of tagboard that is cut into a shape of a heart for them to collage on.
  4. Make a large heart into a card and let them collage on the card and then  add a written message on paper that you can paste on one side of the heart.
  5. Give the children a really large heart from easel or finger paint paper and let them paint on it. The heart is the basis for any process only art activity yet, it looks like a valentines craft

Some of the results :

valentines craftsvalentines craftsvalentines crafts


valentines crafts

Below are some links to some items that will make your heart collages more fun.

If you have these hole punchers that punch out hearts it will make your job easier. There is a small Hand Punch, 1/4-Inch, Heart and then there is a Large heart Craft Punch and I’m sure many sizes in between.

There are also Heart Foam Shapes that you can use as a background for the collages and Valentine Paper Pad that you can cut up and add to your collage activities.

If you would like some more wonderful Valentines day crafts check out this glitter and rocks heart project over at The Artful parent

I hope you have a “hearty” Valentines and please share if you like these activities.

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jabeen says February 10, 2011

Thank you very much, its a beautiful piece of art and a great activity for the kids!

manjeet sehmi says February 10, 2011

These are lovely for my new kindergarten and the children activity

Aruna says February 11, 2011

loved it. given freedom children can be really imaginative. i tried the same thing with my 3 yr old students and gave them many different icecream scoop cutouts and the liberty to assemble their own icecreams. the results were stupendous.

myra says February 11, 2011

sounds great! I may just try it this valentine’s day.! thanks lot faige!

Shoshanah says February 12, 2011

Its a great idea for this Valentine’s day. Thanks , Faige.

mary kenny says February 12, 2011

Thank you for your ideas for Valentines its brilliant worked a treat at school thanks again, any ideas for easter, spring

Maria Fe says February 14, 2011

Thank you very much for these creative ideas. My kids will truly enjoy trying these out. It will be fun!

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