Torn paper animal art a la Eric Carle

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torn paper animal art

This wonderful torn paper animal art was done in the school my sister teaches in. She has been teaching  preschool forever and  was actually the one who got me started in education.

She  did this in her classroom as part of a unit on Eric Carle.

I don’t remember exactly which book they used (if you are really interested let me know in the comments and I will ask her) but,she had the book open for the children to see all the different animals.

They had to choose which animal they wanted to make.

The teachers  then gave them googly eyes and told them to choose from different colored construction papers. They were told that they could not use scissors, only their hands and had to recreate and animal of their choice.(Here are some other torn paper art activities to show you exactly how it is done).

Some of the children placed all of the pieces the way they liked them while others pasted as they ripped.

a lion using torn paper art

What I feel really makes the work more special is how my sister had the children dictate what they wanted to say about their animal. She then wrote it on an index card and taped it next to their animal.

snake with torn paper art

It made a beautiful bulletin board display and when the children took home their animals the descriptive card went with it.

bulletin board display of torn paper animal art

If you are saving the children’s artwork in a loose leaf binder these pictures work perfectly with it as you can put the picture on one side and the description on the other.

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miss courtney says March 1, 2015

I love this activity! Thank you for posting.
I would be very interested to learn which Eric Carle book was used to inspire these beautiful works of art!

Faigie says March 1, 2015

It wasn’t one specific book. This was actually not my class but, my sisters. She had been reading lots of Eric Carle books which were inspiration for this activity.

miss courtney says March 1, 2015

Thank you for your speedy reply 🙂

After looking through my resources, I think I will link this activity to “1 2 3 to the Zoo” as it depicts a variety of animals 🙂

Thank you again!!

Faigie says March 2, 2015

Good Idea! And you can show them many different pictures of animals to give them inspiration…they don’t even have to be from Eric Carle 🙂

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