7 ways to use tape for great, non messy art projects

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tape art

Art with tape is  one of best kids art activities for moms and teachers that want a creative activity but, don’t want to deal with lots of mess. Of course, if you add other materials to the equation in can get messy as well, but you can pick and choose  there are tape projects that can be done with all ages. (and I mean ALL ages)

The first one is one I actually tried myself with my 2 yr old grandson. It’s simple cut up pieces of colored tape for the little ones and let them paste them down wherever they like This one is from the kids activities blog

art with tape for toddlers

toddler tape art

As the kids get a bit older, you can give them a challenge with tape like “make a flower picture…or a place you live” etc.

Something like it seems was done in the post below that is on the blog cakies

colored tape art for preschoolers and up

a bit older tape art

You can also use the tape indirectly as they did here in Teach Preschool  to make rubbings with it.

Using tape to make rubbings

tape art rubbings

If you want to make a real piece of art out of this you may even want to give the children large canvases to create a design with the tape, paint over the tape and then pull it off for added design as done on Puttis world. I’ve seen lots of these types done all over Pinterest

 tape  on stretched canvas

tape on stretched canvas


A similar idea to doing tape resist was done in a smaller fashion in  art projects for kids making trading cards with the  tape and paints

trading cards

trading cards with tape art


One of my favorite is to have the kids make memory cards using tape to make designs that repeat on cards for memory games from Meri cherry

Memory game with tape and cards

matching card game with tape

If you want to use the tape for a craft then hop over to create with joy where she will show you how to can decorate most anything with tape

craft with tape

decorating with tape

As an ending I always love to throw in an amazing adult piece of art that was done with tape and this one is absolutely gorgeous, you must go check it out

Adult art with tape

landscape tape art


If you notice there are a few different kinds of tape that were used for these activities.

If you want the tape itself to be the art then you need to use colored tapes.

If you are just using the tape for effect then masking tape and scotch are fine.

Just make sure you a lot of different tape on hand and you will never be stuck for an impromptu art activity.

Happy taping.

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Carolyn says June 13, 2013

We love tape art!!

gary says June 14, 2013

Yup! so do all the kids I give it to. Thanks for visiting

meri cherry says August 14, 2013

thanks for the shout out. love all the tape projects!

gary says August 14, 2013

My pleasure! Now go look at http://eduart4kids.com/make-your-own-memory-games/ to see how we actually did the activity.

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