Small art for small kids (or big ones for that matter)

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Small art is not really for small kids. It just sounded like a good title. However, if they are not too small, kids that are not toooo small do get a kick out of making art that is small. Some people call it tiny art and there are actually quite a few artists that specialize in making really tiny art.

This post is (for the most part) about tiny or  small art is for kids.

So this is what I found for you.

I actually first thought of the idea for this post because I had seen this post of tiny art paintings on Pink and Green Mama a while ago and kept it bookmarked. I think little girls especially like small art. It’s cute and girls like cute

pink n green mama


I very recently saw the post on artchoo where she does art with index cards. Index cards are small and she has a whole slew of ideas that you can do with kids and index cards. Below is one she did with straws that are slit at the ends.

with index cards

Another variation on the type of small art done by Pink and Green Mama is art on crafts stick frames by the Tiny Art Room where she incorporates the craft sticks into the art.

on craft stick frames

This one is obviously not for kids but, its quite adorable and may encourage you to eat sardines. Messy Nessy chic gives you art in sardine cans

sardine cans


For kids that love to collect things how about some art in in bottle caps. They can use their bottle cap collection to color inside and make some really small art. This is not even a direct link to a web page which was unavailable but, a picture on Pinterest, which is enough to teach you how to do it.


This is a really cute idea for kids that like doodling. You make small doodles on small pieces of paper or card and then paste them all together on a larger sheet of paper.

a bit of doodling

The next one is a short tutorial on making frames for tiny art at gingerbread snowflakes It’s really not an activity for kids to do as the aluminum foil it uses is very sharp, but if any adult wants to make a frame for their child’s small art, its a good start.

frames for tiny art

The last one is another picture on Pinteres. Just a bunch of black and white square cards, small ones at that. Just give them to your kids with a bunch of other art materials and see what they come up with.

small black and white squares

small art


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Adrienne says July 2, 2013

Hey Faigie,

So I know this site is for kids although you made it clear that this particular post might not necessarily be for kids and when I got to the sardine can I instantly knew why and got a big chuckle.

I’m not an artist either and I did draw a little when I was in elementary but my uncle and brother got all the artistic talents in the family. My uncle was a commercial artist and my brother can draw. Me, I can draw an apple! Yay!!!

I’ve also never been much on art, going through museums or looking at pretty stuff. It’s not that it’s not awesome and neat but I just prefer spending my time doing other things. It use to irritate my Mom and my friends to no end.

I appreciate it though and I do find it pretty and cool looking so I admire anyone who has that creative gene. I’m actually jealous and maybe I’d appreciate it more if I had just a little of that.

Still liked what you shared here though so keep up the great work. Really cool what you’re doing.


gary says July 2, 2013

You are really cute Adrienne, coming to visit me here. And the reason you feel that you are not an artist is because in early grades only the kids with the real talent get recognized. All kids and adults have some sort of creativity in them that can be nurtured. Have you ever heard Harry Chapins song Flowers Are Red song? check this out over here its an animated version of his song.

and that is why most of our society thinks that they can’t draw if they don’t have innate talent. Betty Edwards by the way tried to change that with her book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. All kids creativity can be nurtured if you know how to.
Again thanks for visiting

maryanne @ mama smiles says July 3, 2013

I love small art!

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