What can you do with yarn with kids: 3 ideas (literacy art project)

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extra yarn

This book Extra Yarn was another book that I found browsing the kids section in the library that fit perfectly with art projects we were doing in our Summer camp. It’s a cute book and called for different activities having to do with yarn. I stretched it a bit and added embroidery thread as well.

I already wrote about the Embroidery for kids on paper that we did.

What I did not say in that post however, was how we continued the use of embroidery thread and regular yarn to fit in with this book.

Below are just 2 images of how we did that. (to see more, check out the above link)

We had the children draw a picture that they liked.

paper embrodiery 1

And then they had to choose parts of the picture that they wanted thread on and  embroider those areas with the colored thread they chose.

girl embroidered on paper

We then took it a step further.

I had bought a number of embroidery hoops because I thought that it was the way to go when embroidering.

I did discover however, that we could have very well done without the hoops. (It looks kind of cool and professional with the hoops though)

embroidery 1

I bought a whole bunch of different colored embroidery thread, material that is easily embroidered and embroidery needles. These needles can’t be as blunt as the ones we use for yarn.

embroidery 2

The children  drew a picture with a pencil onto their white embroidery material and then put the hoop around that image.

embroidery 4

They then got to embroider the picture drawn on the material.

One child decided to make a pillow out of her material.

The material that I had ordered was kind of small so the pillow ended up being small.

I found some felt I had lying around and we cut it to fit the size of the embroidered picture to back the pillow.

embroidered pillow  being sewn

The little girl then sewed all the way around the edges with regular thread with the front of the pillow turned inside out so we wouldn’t see the stitching.

We turned the pillow right side in when she was almost by the end

non stuffed pillow

And then finished sewing it up after we stuffed it with pillow stuffing.

finished pillow

You can of course, see the stitches that were done at the end which is OK.

You can also do do stuffed animals and even pin cushions using this method.

The second idea with yarn is to simply sew with it. If you buy Blank Latch Rug Canvas and .Chenille Kraft Hand Sewing Tapestry Needles and assorted colored yarn this is one of the best sewing projects for kids.

They love it. You can cut up the pieces to any size and the children can spend hours with it.  Find out more details about this kind of kids sewing.

sewing on gold material

The last idea to do with yarn is to simply make yarn collages.

Video 156 0 00 00-05

Video 160 0 00 00-01

Cut up yarn into different size pieces and let them collage.

TIP: Let them put  glue all over the paper (or tag board) first and then glue their pieces of yarn. Otherwise their fingers will get very sticky and stick to the yarn.

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