Don’t throw out your old magazines: Make a rolled paper collage

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I was looking through some old videos I have in my  videos category recently and I came across this rolled paper collage for adults. I remembered that I had wanted to try this with some children and figured that the stack of magazines my neighbor had given me recently would do the job.

magazine pieces for collage

Of course, you have to vastly realign your expectations when you are doing any activity with children that was previously done with adults. This activity with rolled paper collage with an adult was pre planned and they used specific colored magazine pages as well. the children’s would not have the same results but, it was a new, fresh collage idea.

I realized when preparing the magazine pages that the pages  had to be cut or ripped quite small as seen above.

If you leave them as whole pages then when they are rolled, they are quite enormous. You can experiment with different sizes.I would even try cutting them real small next time.

Since I was doing this activity with my kindergarten class I knew that glue was not the way to secure the rolled pages. Tape was the way to go but, getting them to cut the pieces was going to take forever, so below is what we did.

pieces of tape on the container

Each table got a container with a bunch of small pieces of tape that they could use to tape closed their rolled pieces of paper.

I then then walked to the different tables adding pieces of tape. It saved a ton of time.

The kids that had better fine motor control were able to roll them into tighter rolls.

tight rolled paper

While the other children just did a quick, loose roll.

loose rolled paper

After they had a number of rolled pieces I told them that they could use them to create a picture. They were given glue and pieces of tag board and told that they could make a design or a picture.

As usual there was a wide variety of results. Interestingly the children that were able to make the tighter rolls also put more thought into their pictures, while the ones who made looser rolls were less mature and their pictures showed it.

collage 6

collage 1

collage 5

collage 7

collage 2

collage 4

collage 3

Even though I thought it was a good activity there was something in the end result that was missing a bit. What would you add to liven this up a bit?

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