Using a book as an incentive to make flower projects: Counting in the Garden (literacy art projects)

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This is our second book in our literacy art project. Our first one was the dot book projects.

This second way is based on the book Counting in the garden.

counting in the garden

It’s a great impetus to make flower projects.

I find flower collages and projects like that are some of the most satisfying ones to do. If you give children the right materials they love to create flowers (especially girls). For this particular project we gave them buttons, some circles of tissue paper already cut out, sequins, some ribbons, crayons and some construction paper.

Below are the results.

flowers 1

flowers 2

flowers 3

flowers 4

flowers 5flowers 6


flowers 7

This is certainly not the first time we have tried flower projects and here are two links to other ones we have done. We made spring crafts flowers and a different kind of flower crafts. If you check those out and use this post, you will have lots of flower projects to keep your children busy for a long time.

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Danya Banya says October 6, 2013

Cute flowers! I love that they all look very different.

gary says October 6, 2013

Thanks. That is actually the main point of the art I do with kids. Individuality in art which allows them to develop at their own levels, and no ones art is the same.

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