4 Mothers day crafts projects that can be done with all age kids each at their own level

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If you’re looking for mothers day crafts for kids then you are  most probably not a mother but, a teacher. Which of course, doesn’t mean that you can’t be a mother. However, it would be a little weird don’t you think for a Mom to be looking for Mother’s day crafts for herself.

 Teachers of preschoolers and of  toddlers know that the type of crafts you give for these ages are  often very different from each other.

In my personal opinion, toddlers are not even aware of what mothers day is so if they just do some process only art and then it become a card that goes home to mother, that  is fine. Preschoolers and kids even older are  a bit more capable than toddlers of relating to the idea of making a gift for their mother. Though, I am sure there are many ideas out there that you can use, I am going to give you four  mothers day projects  for kids that you can use with all ages.

 4 Mothers Day craft ideas

1- The first easy project I will share with you is necklaces. Kids know that their Moms wear jewelry and they are usually very happy to make some kind of necklaces for their mothers. The ones I have pictures above are made out of clay. You can make clay necklaces out of a few different self hardening types of clay. The clay I used above is of the self hardening type that does not need to be baked.

I actually have another post called  polymer clay projects where you can actually learn about making all kinds of jewelry with polymer clay as well. After the children make little balls, they need to make a hole in it before it dries. The hole also needs to be large enough so that their little hands will be able to thread some kind of string or yarn through it. When dry the children can paint them and then string them.Toddlers can be given cut up straws to string to make a simple necklace that I am sure any Mom would be thrilled to get.

2- The second of the mothers day gifts to make would be vases, with flowers and without. Vases fall under the transformed art type of craft. This means you take an already created object be it a box, a jar or container and you transform it to look beautiful and useful. The decorating of these objects are very varied as there are lots of choices. Below I will run through one type of vase you can make. If you want to make vases with children, you can choose from a variety of jars and containers.

I chose this coffee jar and had to work pretty hard to get the label off of it. A little Goo Gone
certainly goes a long way.

There are many items that you can use to cover your jar with. One of the most popular ones is tissue paper.
Below you will see tissue paper in large sheets and small cut up squares of tissue paper. The small squares come already cut up and are very easy to use. If you don’t have those available then you will have to cut out different shapes form the large sheets of tissue paper. I also find that the best way to work with the tissue paper is to use glue that is a bit watered down and a paintbrush.

You can also use pretty pieces of ribbon and other pretty pieces of paper that you have lying around .

One interesting thing that I have found you can use is pieces of masking tape. The kids get to rip them up into little pieces and they can then paste them easily over their jar. The more they overlap them, the easier it is to work with them.

Once they finish covering the jar, they can brush watercolors over them, spray some watercolors over as I did here, or  color with magic markers that are washable. What happens is that the paint and markers don’t stick that well to the tape but stick well to the edges so it gives it a very interesting almost brick like look.

Whatever you decide to use to cover the vases with is probably going to be pretty. You can even have the children use different materials to cover different sides of the vase. (if its not round)

If you want the children to make flowers to put in the vases, then just give them an assortment of pipe cleaners, sequins, beads, cut up pieces of egg cartons, some  cupcake holders.

3- The third mothers day crafts can be a pretty place mat. This is very easy to do. You give the child a piece of tagboard or construction paper, have them do some sort of process only art activity and then have it laminated or put contact paper over it.

You can always add pretty spring blossoms like I discuss in my spring crafts for preschoolers and then laminate that. They are very easy to wash down and make a lovely gift.

4. Mothers day cards to make when all else fails

I remember when I was a kid, whenever we didn’t have enough money to pool together to buy my mother a mothers day gift, we would make her some beautiful cards, write on it how we are really going to try to behave and present it to my  Mom. Of course, she always said that it was the best mothers day gift she received. I am also sure that the promise on it didn’t last too long.

Even though we were not originally thinking to make  cards as  a gift, when we realized we had no money, reality stepped in and the cards sort of took over.

There are so many different type of mothers day cards for kids to make that really depend on the art activity you want to do. Practically any art activity that is two dimensional can be turned into a card. You can even take some of the children’s painting, staple  a piece of white paper inside, write a message, and voila! there is your Mothers day card. Older kids can write their own while young children have to dictate theirs.

So just know that when you are stuck with what to make for Mothers Day, a card is always welcome (and easy).

Whatever you decide to do with the children the most important message to get through to them is that, even though we use this one day to give our Mothers gifts….really…every day is Mothers Day.

What has been your experience with Mothers Day when you were a child?

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marie says May 11, 2012

this is really interesting and helpful.the projects are easy.thank you

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