More than one way to make a mosaic

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Red and White Flower - Fractal Mosaic. v.3 

qthomasbower via Compfight

Mosaics are a beautiful art form.

You can have beautiful recycled art can mosaics  and you have sparking subway art mosaics.

What if you want to do mosaics with your kids? Here a a few ideas to help you do that.

Here is one easy to follow idea from happy hooligans  using styrofoam meat trays. The meat trays are a common object that can be saved, cleaned, painted and then cut up for little fingers to make mosaic art.

I found one post that has a compilation of a number of great mosaic ideas from play based learning including a gorgeous table that was made into a mosaic top that you can for sure do with your kids  with enough supervision.

Mosaics do not only have to be done individually as here is a group project mosaic where they used clay by shaping the pieces for the mosaic  fired them, glazed them and then attached them to this  collaborative group mosaic from The Art of Ed

Even though mosaics are traditionally done with clay or glass pieces, here is another group mosaic done by teach kids art using paintings of famous artists to put together paintings to form a mosaci. Different mosaics with different age kids.

Mosaics can be transferred to outdoor work as well even if it is not something that can be hung on the wall, check out a sidewalk chalk mosaic by praises of a wife and mommy


And for something you yourself can do, why not make a photo magnet mosaic for your fridge , something that is fun to make and can be enjoyed daily as you take something to eat from the fridge.


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Carolyn says May 21, 2013

Making a mosaic with kids is an awesome idea – I’ve never thought of it. Now I can’t wait to try.

gary says May 21, 2013

Especially since you can do individual ones and group ones. Thanks for visiting

maryanne @ mama smiles says May 23, 2013

Mosaics are wonderful art projects for kids!

gary says May 23, 2013

Yes thanks Maryanne. They definitely do come out looking better when older children do them though. But, then again I guess all art projects do.

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