Making shades and tints: Extending the color mixing experience

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empty boxes for shading

This activity is actually a continuation of the first class I did with these first graders when they learned to mix colors and  make a color wheel . I wanted them to learn that there are even more colors they can mix by adding white and black. (aside from their primary colors)

I only recently learned that when you mix colors with white its called a tint and with black its called a shade.

This activity was for them to use their primary colors to create various tints and shades.

I gave each of them a sheet divided into squares, like you see above.

white and black

I did not want to overwhelm them so I had them start with the first  2 colors, black and white.(if you can call them colors)

I told them (using the technique of the aluminum foils the palette) to make as many combinations as they could and fill up each box on one line with the various shades they could get, using only black and white.

adding reds

A concept I taught them which is verrrrry important is:

Always start with the lighter color first when mixing colors and then add little bits  of the second color 

adding yellows

After they were done with that row, I gave them the next primary color, red,and they had to do the same thing.

Then they got blue, then yellow.

many shades

When they were done, they looked so beautiful, someone suggested laminating them and using them as place mats, which is a great idea if you are doing this only with one or two children, not a whole class.

shades and tints

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Stephanie says January 14, 2014

Great lesson! We did something similar in a college art class 🙂 and I had my daughter do a similar exercise when she was younger. Everyone has to start with the basics and these kids are getting a head start! Great job!

Faigie says January 14, 2014

Thanks Stephanie. College art class wow! I gotta tell these kids to tell their parents.

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