Making animals out of square shapes

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animal out of square

I really did start this project with squares. You would never believe it looking at these amazing pictures these kindergarten and first grade children created.

I started out by showing them a square and we talked about what you can do with a square. We made it into a hexagon, 2 triangles and a few small rectangles.

The children were told that they needed to make animals using a square plus any other shapes they wanted.

I showed them some pictures of animals. I only happened to have some from a coloring book and

coloring book drawings of animals


of course you can use any kinds of pictures. These are only for inspiration and they do not have to make any of the above animals.

However, they  must be one or more animals. This is the structure that they need and can then be creative within that structure. I also allowed them to add their own additions with oil pastels when they were done.

They indeed each started out with a square but, were allowed to take other shapes and scissors to cut out what they wanted.

What a wonderful bunch of animals they bird

fish in sea


animals from shape collage 1

animals from shape collage 2I find that writing what they created adds loads to the pictures and makes them ready to frame.

What do you think?


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Jeanine says September 16, 2014

These are fun-tastic! I am always trying to find different project examples to do and share with my youngest, that involve simplicity! What Better way than using: SHAPES!! Simple shapes are the first thing I ever learnt to draw or create with! She’s got speech + delays & I keep exploring different shape involved ways to show her she can create. So etimes she’s very hard on herself j her own work. This makes it simple & easy for her to change up the pieces, if she doesn’t like the shapes one way. THANK YOU!!!

Faigie says September 16, 2014

Thanks Jeanine. These types of art activities are my absolutely favorite and whats great about them is that all ages can do them and they’ll all come out different.

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