Spring daffodil flower pictures

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I was going through another post on someone else’s blog and she had some beautiful daffodil paintings and I said to myself ..Hey wait! I also have daffodil pictures.

i remembered that I had recently done a daffodil flower project with my grandchildren and hadn’t posted them.

So the way I did this project was by way of collage.

I call it collage…anytime the children get a variety of materials that they have to choose from to create a picture by cutting and pasting.

I often like to give them various images to jog their creativity, unless its a common object.(and even then different images make them think of the objects in more creative ways)

In this case, daffodils are a common object, so I basically just gave them an array of green and yellow materials and told them it was a daffodil flower picture they should make.

materials for daffodil pictures

Those were some of the materials I gave to them, trying to stick to the green and yellow motif.

My 51/2 yr old grandson used a large piece of green felt to make what seems to be a large expanse of grass, one flower (but a 3 dimensional one at that) and was done.

daffodil picture 2

My granddaughter who is 41/2 spent more time with this she drew and cut and pasted and I actually did cheat a little as I saw what she was doing. I just cut a bunch of leaf like shapes out of green and put them into the mix of materials.
daffodil picture 1

Kids always like to use pre cut materials which is why I try not to use them, but  no great harm done.

I do think though, that it is very helpful for the kids when they have a few different images to work from as it gives them a frame of reference.


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Penny says May 12, 2013

This is just beautiful! They did a fabulous job. Collage is something I want to get into with the girls more. We have a spare space in our house and I’ll be making it into a craft room, somewhere where they can be creative and have free range to explore different types of art. I’m going to love it here!

gary says May 12, 2013

Thank you so much Penny and since I know you are an animal lover you can check out the 2 following collages that are animal based that I’ve done.

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