3 different methods for creating your own collage papers

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sponge painting 3

There are times when you might want to create your own papers to use for collages.

We were actually doing these paper designing activities to make papers for an Eric Carle activity but, they can be done for regular collage activities as well.

I have 3 different methods we tried to show you here.

The first one was a sponge painting activity. As often happens, the kids end up using the sponges to wash the papers with paint. Of course, the idea was to dab the sponges in paint and get a bunch of different colors for a really nice effect. What we did do to add some effect though, was to add some gold acrylic paint to the mix so it really brightens it up.

I also found that I didn’t get great sponges. You need to get the old fashioned sponges that have texture in them for this to work well.

sponge  painting 4

sponge  painting 2

The next idea I got from one the Usborne books of art.

This is similar to the kind of stuff that Eric Carle himself does. He paints the tissue paper and uses it for his creations.

You need to use white tissue paper for this like below.

large pieces of tissue paper

Then you fold it over into a sort of rectangle shape. Fold it a few times.

dry tissue paper

The book then says to wet the tissue paper with a brush which we did at first.

wet tissue paper

Then you are supposed to use watercolor paints to paint some broad colors on the wet tissue paper.

painting tissue paper 3

Most of the children ended up painting stripes. I also discovered that there was really no need to wet the tissue paper since the watercolors themselves are wet and it makes it wet enough to saturate the tissue paper.

painting tissue paper 1

You then need to let the papers dry overnight. Personally I didn’t think we would even be able to open the tissue papers since they were so soggy they seemed to be permanently stuck together.

painting tissue paper 2

Wonders of wonders….when they were dry they opened easily and were really beautiful. I have done lots of tissue paper art projects before but, this was a new one.

painted tissue paper unfolded

They are really beautiful papers to use for many projects.

The third activity was very simply…. coffee filters, liquid watercolor paints and droppers. The children drop the colors onto the filters and watch them spread out, creating beautiful patterns.

coffee filters 4


coffe filters 5coffe filters 2

The children then get to cut out from these papers as needed.

Together these 3 activities will allow your children to make some gorgeous project with the papers they have create.

Do you have any other nice ways that you have made papers?

creating specialty papers for collage

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maryanne @ mama smiles says July 28, 2013

What beautiful art projects for kids! Paper is a very fascinating art medium – there is so much you can do with it!

gary says July 28, 2013

yes and I wanted to try to make our own paper like you did but when I went to the link you sent me to she seemed to indicate that maybe it wasn’t worth the trouble. So for the meantime decorating our own papers will have to suffice.

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