A Fathers day craft: Turning a long term sewing project into a pencil holder

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fathers day craft

I’ll bet that when looking for a Fathers day craft, the last things you would think of doing would be sewing.

However, If you want a fathers day craft that is meaningful to the child and that your child can spend lots of time creating, then try using their sewings to turn into a pencil holder. In this post sewing for kids I explain how to give kids easy sewing projects that they love and that keeps them busy for hours.

Please be aware that this is not one of those project that can be done in one day.

Sewing takes time but,you can use one of the kids sewings that they already  have, or start anew if you have enough time.

Recently I was spending time with my grandchildren and my grandson wanted to sew. I gave him a piece of the sewing material that I use. For regular pieces of sewing I have started using Blank Latch Rug Canvas pieces. I have bought stiffer type of material in a local Michaels but, I can’t for the life of me remember now.He finished it really quickly and we then decided that we can easily make it into a pencil holder based on the shape that it was.

Getting it into the shape of a pencil holder is not something that they can do but, has to be done by the adult.

I basically folded it over (or rolled it over)  as you see above and I sewed the ends together to make it into a cylinder. You can use Velcro Sticky-Back Hook and Loop Dot Fasteners to keep it together but, if the material is stronger then you will need to sew it together.

Once that was done, we started talking about what to use on the bottom to make it into the pencil holder.

We couldn’t find any hard cardboard but, discovered a leftover wax covered paper plate from a recent birthday party.

We cut it a bit, put some strong glue on the plate and put the sewn cylinder on top of it.

pencil holderfor a fathers day craftWe made sure to let it dry for a full day and night. A day later we checked it and it was good and solid.

If you want to get it to dry faster, then a glue gun would do the trick.

After it was all dry I cut around it and Voila! there was our pencil holder.

finished pencil holder for fathers dayNow I cannot tell a lie. My grandson decided to keep this for himself and not give it as a gift as he was super excited about it.

It was much nicer than the typical pencil holders made out of orange juice cans, and takes more time and energy to make. Of course, you can’t decide to make this the day before Fathers day.

It is however, a great Fathers day craft or gift and the kids will be very excited about it if they know beforehand that it is for good ‘ole Dad.


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