The Construction Center in my TAB Classroom

The Construction Center was the 5th center I opened in my TAB classroom. (after drawing center, collage center, painting center and fiber arts center)

This is the center that makes me and my students into junk collectors. 🙂
(I was actually just visiting someone in the hospital and I stopped a janitor on my way out who was wheeling a cart full of folded up boxes to take some for out construction center)

This center I think caused the most excitement in my classroom. I started by explaining to them that before they can use the construction center with glues and tape that they have to learn how to attach things without glue or tape.

Below is the the list of items that they were able to use for attaching things. We went through all of the items in our group setting. I also told them that if they needed to make any holes in items and couldn't do it with a hole puncher then they should bring it to me with marked dots and I would make a hole with an adult scissors.

Below are some of the things the children managed to make using only the items you see in the above pictures.

The first graders were introduced to the idea of sculpture by being introduced to  paper strip sculptures using glue dots to attach them.

By the third week the third, fourth and fifth (so far my school only goes to 5th grade) were allowed to use the glue gun, gummed paper tape, tacky glue and a stapler.

I finally allowed the 2nd graders to also use some gummed tape, tacky glue and glue gun as they saw the other work of the other grades and pushed for it.

I taught them how to attach the cardboard pieces (still hoping to make a poster about that) with L braces using tape, but they mostly end  up using the glue gun to attach most things.

Below are some things the grades 3-5 have been making.

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