The Collage Center in the TAB Classroom

Collage was the second center I introduced in my TAB classroom. The sign above was introduced and is always there though it is not something they really need to refer back to at all.

The 2 charts below with geometric and organic shapes is something that I refer to  at times and the children themselves will refer to them.

We have a tools section where they can find the following tools along with various papers to use for backgrounds and drawers full of different materials they can use to collage with.

  1. Glue sticks and glue
  2. Scissors/ fancy scissors
  3. Tape
  4. Paper cutter
  5. Craft punchers (added a few weeks in)
  6. Background: White tagboard, thin cardboard, neutral, cool color and warm colored construction paper
  7. Drawers full of materials to collage with: Doilies and metallic papers/patterned papers/warm colors/cool colors/neutral colors/fabric pieces/maps and magazines

I introduced collage by talking about what collage is. Basically this means gluing paper and materials onto a background to create either an abstract or realistic  picture (cutting or ripping the material to create their picture)

I showed them all the tools available for their use and where they belong. I then showed them which papers were for backgrounds for the collages and where they could get papers to use to cut up for their collages.

To begin collage I introduced them to warm/cool and neutral colors. I put different types of papers on different tables like warm/cool/neutral, pattern papers, doilies and some fabrics and some old maps and dictionaries.

For backgrounds I offered them white tag board and some rectangular silver/white container covers that a parent had sent in.

I told them that they could use glue, glue sticks, tape, paper cutter or stapler.

The final results are as usual all over the map it terms of level of skill depending on the children's ages. They are thrilled to be using the paper cutter and stapler.

Another day I introduced them to two different artists collage work. I am trying to get them to realize that they can create all kinds of art with collage and by them seeing artwork like this (especially Romare Bearden) my goal is to get them making more artwork with collage.

The image below is exactly y what I was looking for. Two girls came over to me to say that they wanted to make a collage together. I asked them what they were learning in social studies. They said Native Americans. I therefor told them to create a Native American village and this is what they came up with.

Every week I do give some more ideas for the first graders to work with since they need the various collage experiences to see what is available.

I gave them pre cut geometric shapes after discussing them what each shape reminds them of. I also gave them a few craft punchers that they could use if they needed. (This is available on one table if it was what they chose to do that day)

Some results below. (Notice that one of the collages is 3D)

I will adding more about the collage center as it happens.

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