All About Me Collages

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all about me collages

All about me collages are not free for all collages. Which means there is a direction to the collage instead of letting them just create anything. Collage should be done in a thought out, progressive manner.  In the case of the all about me collages, I have two different kinds here. In both activities the children were given a piece  of tagboard with a  circle already drawn on it.

Their job was to use the material they were given to create a person.  (usually themselves) I then presented them with materials that they could choose to create their person. The first activity was done a few years before the second . (With a totally different group of kids)

In the first activity  the developmentally immature children did not even take much notice of the obvious circle drawn on the paper to use as the head but just collaged randomly as appropriate for their age level. Kids a bit older like having that little bit of structure which

starts them off and then lets them be creative.

all about me collagesall about me collagesall about me collages

The material given for the above activity was as follows: 

  • Yarn
  • Googly eyes
  • Small sequins
  • Cut up round pieces of shiny paper
  • Crafts sticks
  • Pieces of cut up straws
  • Tissue  paper pieces
  • Small pieces of material
  • Anything  materials that you have that the children can use to dress or enhance their person

When I did the same type of activity a few years later, the materials I gave were more whole. While in the first activity I cut things up more into shapes and pieces as you can see below there was just a whole bunch of material, paper,  yarn and buttons.

materials for all about me collages

They got larger pieces of paper to work on than the first activity and I also drew a line down from the head.

blank template for all about me collages

As in most groups the abilities vary tremendously. The child who made the first picture made eyeballs for  her eyes and cut out a red mouth. She also cut and measured the material for a dress.

girl with dress collag

This child used some of that curly material for hair and basically cut some simple shapes.

person with curly hair collage

This last sample was of a kid that at first glance seems to be randomly collaging but, then I noticed buttons for eyes and nose and I even think I see a few pieces put in the shape of a mouth.

abstract all about me collage

Some of the children got right to work while others needed more direction. I was right there along with the children helping them to figure out what they wanted to make and how to figure out what size materials they needed for their collage.

an array of all about me collages

One of the things that may make it easier for you when you do this project is to use Precut Cotton Fabric Squares. They also sell Buttons: Assorted Sizes/Colors so you don’t have to save your  own. The more stuff you can buy ready made, the easier it will be for you.

Have you ever tried any other types of all about me pictures or projects with your students or children?What has been your experience? I actually did this a different time as well which were quite similar but, much more sophisticated. I called it all about me montages. If you want to continue the collaging experience with everyday familiar objects then you may want to check out how to make a  food collage at

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