7 pure process only art activities for toddlers

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A long while ago I wrote a post on toddler crafts. In it I explained  a bit what process only art is. To reiterate… It is art that is done solely for the process and not for an end result. (product).

There are many parents and educators that do many process only art activities. However, many of them have some kind of agenda that limits the children in their process.For this post I have a bunch of “pure” process only art activities. Most of them involve painting which I did not include in the previous post I referenced.

There is no age that is more perfect than toddlers to do process only art. They are just learning about materials and revel in the sensory feelings that these materials give them.

The first one is probably the most sensory and process oriented you can get..finger painting. Its actually from this blog and if you click on the link you will see exact directions on how to run a good finger painting activity.

Children artist hands painting colorful

The second runs a close second to finger painting but, without the color and you can check out this shaving cream painting on the mirror activity here from The Artful Parent.

shaving cream on the mirror

Next we have painting with the hands however, the hands are covered with bubble wrap. check out  bubble wrap painting from  Teach Preschool


bubble wrap mitten painting

We move away from direct contact with paint with this Squirt bottle painting activity from  Mess for Less.

squirt bottle painting

A similar activity from Toddler Approved    doing some  splat painting with stockings

splat painting with stockings

To end the painting activities you can always add some sort of template to do your process art activities on top of so they end up with a real object like product,  if you need it. This is what  was done with this egg  that was Spatter painting on an egg template  from Hands on As we Grow.

spatter painting on egg template

One last process art activity was this tape project that is also from this blog that you can check out at the  toddler arts and crafts post.

tape picture
Most of these painting activities are not for the faint of heart but, if you can manage to do any with your toddler, you will be giving him or her a gift indeed.
7 process only activites

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Colleen Berzok says January 8, 2014

Good Afternoon,

I just came across your blog today. I am an infant/baby swimming instructor and art teacher. I have just started a 2 and under Baby and Me art class, and find myself struggling on a weekly basis to come up with age appropriate Art Learning Activities. My mommies are starting to understand the idea of process vs product but always have a bigger smile on their face when they take something recognizable to show off when they get home. I also will be starting a blog for the class shortly! Wish me luck and thanks for your posts they gave me some great inspiration.

gary says January 8, 2014

Thanks so much Colleen. I would love to see how you teach infants to swim. That is really fascinating. I think with your 2’s class, if you frame the pictures they make, and make a nice title it enhances even the messiest looking art project 🙂 or even create templates for them to do the process only activities on, then the parents will be much happier.Good luck and thanks for the encouragement.

Aliza Shaffer says March 2, 2014

I’m so excited to learn about your site today! These ideas are fantastic….I can’t wait to try to shaving cream project with my 15-month old son this afternoon. Looking forward to learning more!

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