Enhance primitive collages with descriptive text (literacy art project)

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it looked like spilt milk

It looked like spilt milk is a very basic, all time favorite childrens book. As part of our literacy art project series it was a natural to have the children do white, torn paper collages.

These collages are not anywhere near as sophisticated as the torn paper collages in my snowman crafts post but, the children here were younger and the task was not as defined as making snowmen.

With this activity we did something that helps enhance messy looking art projects.

This project was part of a series and went into a book so it didn’t really need that enhancement but, we did it anyway.

Very simply all we did was to ask the children what they made and wrote down what they said.

spilt milk 1

spilt milk2

spilt milk 3

spilt milk 4

It ties the whole project together and makes it look like there was more intended there than there actually was.

This is great for the teachers who don’t like to send home projects that don’t look representational but, the children also enjoy looking back at their artwork if they had dictated something to go along with it as well.

Even if the children did not intentionally make what they say they did, it’s fine to just write down what they say. It’s also a good idea to write in clear, manuscript type lettering. Our writing for them is one of their first exposures to what reading is all about so its best if we write neatly and legibly.

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