There is a wide variety of fabric art for kids: It’s not all about sewing at all

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As was looking around for ideas for fabric art for kids I came across this information  which is sort of like an e book. In it are a   whole bunch of fabric art ideas. There are quite a number of them. It’s called  the fabric art workshop. One of the ideas, seen below is dripping paint onto pieces of fabric to use the fabric for art.

paint on fabric

Some of the other activities in that sort of book are splash and puddle painting, bubble wrap patterning, color pleating, sun printing with paint, sponge painting and all of these ideas are done with fabric. It’s really unusual to get so many ideas like that without having to pay for a book on it, so go check out that link.

A second fabric idea is to use a tee shirt to decorate with special fabric markers. In this activity where they use a tee shirt by painting on it with fabric markers from Mel designs, they try to cover the entire tee shirt with color. Many of the younger children will not have the patience to color an entire tee shirt so you can do parts of the tee shirt or you can do this activity with older kids that have more patience.

paint on tee shirt

The next activity is really from a website called  A little imagination and a pile of junk and is not really a children’s site. She creates dyed paper towels fabric art  and it’s an easy enough activity that can be done with young children as well.

paint on paper towels

I have another post that deals with lots of different weaving activities but, felt that this particular weaving activity fit into this post since it is weaving with fabric ribbons  only. It is from  Buggy and Buddy and there are large group weaving looms for you to try and individual ones as well.

weave with fabrics

Then there is the simple collaging with fabric pieces from The Artful Parent

This is something you can do by giving your children drawing or coloring materials, plus glue, scissors and fabric and they can integrate the fabric pieces into their artwork.

collage with fabrics

The next activity is actually one that we are going to be doing this summer in our art camp. Here the child was embroidering a picture  at Checkout girl.

The way this was done is the child drew a picture, then embroidered on top of  it. We plan to do this with larger pieces of fabric and hope to then make pillows out of the embroidered pieces of fabric.


embroider on fabric


This one is a combination of painting and collaging using fabric in a  paint and collage with fabric onto canvas  activity .The main difference here from other mixed media paste and paint activities is that they do it on a piece of real stretched canvas . Just by doing it all on the canvas, the mixed media activity already becomes a piece of artwork ready to hang.Make sure you use colors of the room that you want to hang it in. It is from my nearest and dearest.

fabric and paint on canvas

You may also want to check out a post I did a while ago on puppet making with felt some of which you can see below.

felt puppets



fabric art


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