Step2: Enhance creativity with art desks and more

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Many people who want to do art with their kids in their homes often find themselves with a dearth of space to do so.

Sure, you can clean off the kitchen table, but what happens when they are in middle of a project and you need to serve dinner, then what?Maybe in that case its time to get yourself some special art centers, desks or a kids art table.

You can keep these desks or activity tables  in any corner of your home to be pulled out when the children want to create art. Of course, it depends on what type of artwork the kids are working on. There may very well be times that you won’t want to use the smaller space of an art desk and may just clear your kitchen table for this particular project. It’s still a great fall back though, to know you do have the area that children can do art when all your tables (like mine) are full of papers and other paraphernalia.

For many years I only knew about the standard little tykes and fisher price types of art desks and table until I recently came across this great company called Step2.

I discovered that they make really quality, molded plastic pieces of equipment for all ages of children starting from birth through early elementary years.They are very focused on fostering learning and development through creative play and they have so many different products that it’s worth it to check them out.

One of the products that caught my eye were the art master activity desks and the creative projects tables. They have real furniture as well and even beds for toddlers  like a step2 car bed that would make any little boy squeal with delight.

The truth is the one item that blew me over and made me want to immediately order it for my grandchildren was the grand kitchen walk in. This is the absolute ultimate in kitchen play as you can actually walk into it. When I used to set up dramatic play corners in my classrooms as a teacher and as a mom with young children, I always tried to make it inviting to come into, by structuring it in a way like a  real kitchen.

This step2 grand walk in kitchen is made that way. All you have to do is set it up and its a ready made kitchen.

So in terms of creative play if you want to spend the money (and are able to) I have found that the step2 products are a step above the rest of the products and would strongly suggest you look int these realistic, kid  friendly array of kitchens, beds, art centers, riding toys and more. If you area looking for wood furniture for early childhood education then jonti craft may be the furniture of choice.

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