Make your own stamps to use with paint, out of pieces of cardboard from a box

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There are so many ways to do stamping with kids. There are of course, the many pre cut stamps that you find in the crafts stores and catalogs and then there are the homemade ones .

These stamps were made out of the flaps that I ripped off of some cardboard boxes. We cut them into a variety of shapes (I got this idea from one of the Usborne books of art activities).

preparing shapes

We then had to figure out how the children will hold the shapes without sticking their fingers directly into the paint. One of the girls working with me came up with the idea of using pieces of pipe cleaners as holders.(in the book they use some kind of clay)

shapes prepared

We cut the pipe cleaners into smaller pieces and then just taped them onto the backs of the shapes.

stamping 1

We used only 3 colors  and put them spread out onto plain paper plates. You can use any colors that are suited to the color scheme of what is going on in life when you do this. The truth is we should have done red, white and blue since we did it the week of July 4th, but I didn’t think of it at the time.

There are a few different ages in our group and they basically created according to their age levels.

There were the kids that made patterns using the same shape but different colors.

stamping 2

You had the ones that did a pattern with different colors and different shapes.

stamping 6

There were kids who just used e different colors and different shapes without making a neat pattern but, they were still aware of the idea of pattern.

stamping 5

Then you had the kids who just used the cardboard pieces as substitute paintbrushes. Edging the paper with paint

stamping 4

Or painting in the corners of the paper.stamping 3

You had kids that did both by stamping some shapes and painting with the shapes on the same paper.

stamping 8

Then there were those who didn’t even recognize that there were shapes and just went to town mushing with the paint.

stamping 7

The last one was the biggest surprise. This child started out by immediately using the stamps to create the first image

stamping 10

and went on to complete the picture below.

stamping 9

It is really enjoyable when you get a child like that but, it is also important to give the kids space so that they each can create what they are ready for. Some of the more thought pictures were made by kids who the year before, were doing the very  mushy paintings.


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Chaya says July 5, 2013

Wow !
Awesome idea & great execution!
Love it…
I checked this site out on my iPhone & I am very impressed . Please keep up the great work 🙂

gary says July 5, 2013

Thanks chaya

Emma says July 9, 2013

I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing it! I’ve been looking for some new paint ideas.

gary says July 10, 2013

Great! Thanks for visiting

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