Small murals of sheep in the meadow through drawing, painting and pasting

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So this was an interesting artistic endeavor.

I have an eBook that I had sold a while back and was working on adding pictures to it.

One of activities in the book was about St Davids day (a Welsh holiday. Nope, I’m not all Welsh)so I decided to use my grand kids to make a sheep picture which for some reason is connected with St Davids day. (Maybe for the same reason Bunnies are connected with Easter).

So this is how I did it.

I found a few pictures of sheep, real and cartoon like, copied them and printed them onto a paper….  as you see below.

sheep images

I then told my grand kids that should make some sheep using any of the sheep in the images for reference. I gave them pencils and paper.

drawing sheep

What amazes me is how they just get right to work. They are 51/2 and 4 yrs when they did this and there was none of “I can’t draw” or “How should I do it”…they just started drawing and below are some of those results.

2 sheep


fat sheep

one little sheep

I then had them paint a background for their sheep. We talked about where they wanted their sheep and they looked at the different possibilities in the pictures.  I gave them some watercolors and they each made a background.

painting backgrounds


I told them that they then need to cut out their sheep and paste them onto their backgrounds where they want their sheep to be.

sheep pasted on

My grandson, the older one pasted down his 2 sheep and he was done.

I did however, offer them more materials to use to enhance their small murals and my granddaughter took me up on it. (she always has more patience then he does to work on her art).

cutting for sheep picture

She added a variety of materials that stood for different things and Voila! below is her small mural of a sheep in the meadow.

sheep on 2

I actually used to make murals like this with my students years ago. We would paint the backgrounds and then draw and color things to put onto our murals. Those mural were big, long ones on brown paper and I got the idea from those to have kids create their smaller, miniature like murals.

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