Mini murals of the sea (literacy art project)

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blue sea

As a continuation of the literacy art projects we did in the Summer, here is one that we did with fish. We used 2 books Blue Sea and Swimmy


The first thing we did was to have the children make a sea. This is definitely an activity you can do as a large mural  as well.

sea 1

For this activity they each got a small piece of tag board.

I allowed them to tissue paper and  construction paper in shades of blue and some light green.

sea 2

sea 3


sea 6

As you can see, even how they covered their papers varied greatly.

I then printed out a number of fish pictures for the children to copy from.

fish images

I also told them they could look through the 2 books we had to see what they would like to put into their sea scenes.

In the first one below, the child was fascinated with Swimmy and very beautifully tried to depict the larger and smaller fish she saw in the pages of the book.

fish 1

I also gave the children lots of shiny papers along with aluminum foil to make the fish out of and permanent markers to color them in.

fish 2

Some didn’t just make fish, but other things they saw on the ocean floor.

fish 3

fish 4

fish 5

fish 6

fish 7

fish 8

It would have been nice if I had some nice colored pictures but, at the time I only used my black and white printer. My point then was for them to draw the shapes using the copies to get ideas but, in future activities like this, I will try to have colored images for them to see how varied the colors of fish are.

mimi murals of the sea

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