Marker art: Move over hearts and rainbows

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When you give a bunch of little girls some markers for marker art, what do they do? Hearts and rainbows of course.

Let’s try to move them on to more exciting art with markers. Below are a number of fun, more abstract ideas you can give girls and boys with all the different kinds of markers out there.

First up is a project from Art projects for kids 

circles and markersart projects for kids

Then you can have repeat a pattern over and over and fill in the repeating pattern  with markers. This one just had an image from Pinterest but, you can figure out how to do it by looking at it carefully.repeat the pattern


Try out some banner art where you draw on material and then spray


Get hold of some tiles to make coasters with markers and alcohol

coasters and alcohol

Another activity with art projects for kids using tissue leaves and metallic markerstissue leaves

Try these color blots from I am a momma hear me roar

paint blots

And then I discovered a different way to use coffee filters with markers. Check out these coffee filters from elementary art fun

coffee filtersI promise you that if you show your kids who love markers some of these ideas, their marker art work will never be the same.





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