A knex roller coaster: Hours of fun and learning at the same time

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K'NEX DoubleShot Roller Coaster

If you are looking for an exciting, fun way for your son to spend his time and to get him away from T.V and the computer plus have great educational value that this K’NEX DoubleShot Roller Coaster is the absolute best thing to get him.

Aside from the skill he will gain from learning to put this roller coaster together there are lots of interesting discussion that lead to physics questions. Of course, that means you may have to do some reading up on some physics yourself (lol)

This is not a toy for very young children. It takes a long time to assemble which is not such a bad thing when you are looking for your child to learn from it as well. It teaches patience and keeps him engaged. It’s lots better than staring at at a television set.

This roller coaster is over 3 feet tall and has over 19 ft of twisting turning tracks. The boys can spend hours just watching the cars go up the tracks and then down again.

It is very important that you be around to help your son install this track as it has been installed upside down which can cause a lot of frustration. Sometimes the wheels can be broken and can cause problems as well so make sure you check each car and its wheels before using it.

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