Kindergarten Teacher Websites: Not Only Art Related

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If you are kindergarten, preschool or other type of early childhood educator you are probably always looking for different kindergarten websites. Many of the kindergarten websites are also just as useful as pre kindergarten teacher websites and it is always difficult to weed through many sites. You also don’t know which sites are good and which are junk.

Even though this site is mostly art related, I assume that people that come to this site are dealing with young children either in a school capacity and at home. Since young children are not ONLY interested in art I figured you would be looking for good websites to add to your curriculum and or to enhance your children’s learning at home.

Not long ago I asked some of my colleagues to give me what they consider some of the best kindergarten teachers websites and I was very gratified that they gave me a nice list. I am passing this list on to you. I have a short summary next to most of the sites just explaining to you what they are if you want to bother checking it out. If you just want to check them all out then just go right ahead and ignore my blurbs.I do not endorse all of these sites as following the way I believe in eduction but, then again not everyone follows by type of education, so pick and choose what you like.

  1. What a great site. Get wonderful children stories read to your child online
  2. “Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.”
  3. fun, fun , fun…one of those computer art sites, you may get hooked yourself
  4.– interactive as it says. More for kids then for teachers
  5. A phonics based reading site
  6. Mostly links to other resources
  7. Lots of downloadable worksheets. If you are a progressive teacher who doesn’t use lots of worksheets then this is not for you
  8. As they say its an amusement park for math, not much for preschoolers though
  9. Some nice ideas in here
  10. of printables and copycat projects
  11. for parents and educators

If you have any sites that you would like me to add to this list let me know and I will certainly check it out.

If you are interested in seeing how one of the creative curriculum lesson plans may work for the kindergarten classroom then check the previous link as well.

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