The amazing versatility of painting with kids: It’s not all process only

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This is a post about painting for kids. As you probably know, the internet is flooded with wonderful, process only painting activities to do with children. I think those activities play a real role in children art education. There are so many activities that children can explore and try out new techniques. This post however, is  a small collection of posts about painting for kids that take painting to a more advanced level.(and are all mine)

I start with giving you one of the most important types of painting for kids finger painting. I know its real messy and not for everyone, plus pure process only but, its so good for kids if you can handle it. In this post I show you just  how to handle it.

Children artist hands painting colorful

In the next post I  introduce you to a method of painting that I have been doing for years and just had featured on the blog called Housing a Forest. Its called tray painting and I show in detail in this post how to do it.

many paint holders

Once the children learn how to paint with this method they can get into a bunch more  activities that I explain in this painting for kids post. (there is a short bit there about the tray painting that I wrote about in housing a forest, so just ignore it there)

mirror painting

To conclude, I have another post that goes even further teaching kids about Making a color wheel and learning about primaries and secondaries .

Color wheel

These are some very important posts about painting and I think you will find many, many open ended activities here to keep your children busy and creative for hours (if not  days).

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