Kids Art Table: Which Type is the Best

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Kids have been doing art for way longer then there were art tables for kids. Therefor, they must have been doing art on other surfaces other than specially created art tables for kids. Kitchen tables, kitchen floors and other regular sized adult tables have been children’s work surfaces for yours. However, having special kids activity tables and kids are tables and chairs definitely make it easier for the kids to work. It also makes it much easier to clean up. If you’re a parent you don’t have to give up your table space for the kids art work and they have their own table that they can leave their work on instead of cleaning it up for dinner.

There are lots of different options in creating work spaces for kids. Some people are quite happy with simple kids table and chair set while others will be happier with the art desks and tables that are made specifically for art. I am going to look at a few options to help show you the options available. The first type is one that is used by an individual child.

This desk helps the kids keep all of their stuff together in one place and is so much easier to clean up then a regular table. You just stuff the materials into the prepared spaces and it’s clean. As it is a Step2 product it is extremely sturdy, durable and easy to clean.

If you want one that is not plastic and is a little bit more visually appealing then you may want to check out this art desk that has a paper roll attached to it
The top of the desk has alot of space to color and paint and it can be tilted up a bit to be used as an easel and the surface becomes a chalkboard when they are not using it as a table for paints and markers.The great thing about this desk is that they don’t have to only use for  artwork, as they get older it can be used for homework and any other kinds of games. The paper roll that comes with this set can be replaced very easily when they use it up. Another great feature with this desk are the holders for the paint cups. you will save yourself alot of mess with this particular feature.

A table that grows with them

If you want a table that will grow with them as opposed to buying a new one as they get older then you may want to look into

Blue Kids Art Table & Bench – Work and Fun Center (2 Piece) Is a table with 3 stages a  growing table that grow with the child. Stage 1 for toddlers (2-4), stage 2 for young children (4-8) and stage 3 for children 8-12.

Tables for more than one child

If you have more than one child that is going to do art at one time then you may need a table that is larger. Here a few that you can check into for those special times when the kids are doing art with friends or their siblings.

Whichever art table you decide is the right one for you, you will get great pleasure out of watching your child creating his or her masterpieces as these wonderful art tables.

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