Georgia O’Keefe style watercolor flowers

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drawing large flowers

I must admit that even though it says this activity was of  Georgia O’Keefe watercolor flowers, I was not teaching them about Georgia O’Keefe. I just liked the idea. I saw it on Pinterest and was originally at Pink and Green Mama (who was teaching them about Georgia O’Keefe)What makes this activity similar to Georgia O’Keefe is that the flowers are very large.

I did this in school with a group of Kindergarten children.

I hung up a number of flower pictures that were quite large and individual flowers, so the children could see the concept of doing one flower on one whole page.

I told them to fill up the whole paper with their flower.Some of them had a hard time with that concept but, I insisted that it had to be large and they were all able to do it in the end.

They used pencils first and then traced over their pencil marks with permanent black markers.

drawn flower in permanent marker

I then gave them the watercolor pans we had to paint in their flowers.

painting flowers 1

painting flowers 2

These are  not even the best kind of watercolor paints in the pan. The  best kind of watercolors in a pan are the Prang Watercolor Set.

I never used to like the watercolors in a pan as I thought the colors were too pale, but I discovered the the Prang has  rich color and when they use watercolors after outlining things in black marker, the effect is even richer.

2 of the little kindergarten children each took a picture to their places to try to copy them more exactly.

painting flowers with demos

copying flower 1

copying flower 2

Amazing that those children are only 5 yrs old.

All in all, even the children that don’t have that same level of skill produced really beautiful flowers.

4 flowers

flower 2

flower 1

The fact that they are filling up the whole paper and using the black markers makes it sure to get really nice results.

Georgia O'Keefe watercolor flowers



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Bella@artclubblog says February 17, 2014

Lovely! You’ve got some great projects on your blog!

Faigie says February 17, 2014

Thank you so much. So do you!!!

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