How many ways can you decorate a flower pot to bring it to life?

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Bringing a flower pot to life often means planting it and as a result making it full of life. Since it is Summer here in the States, what better activity than making a pot for your lovely plantings.

Here are 6 different ways to decorate the outside of your flower pots to make those plants inside of them really stand out. They can be made for your own window sill, garden or of course, as a wonderful gift.

The first one is from the blog, design dazzle and  shows all kind of decorations to be pasted on the outside. These  are flower pots with added modpodge on top of them. It seems like the pots are painted first, sort of collaged and then modpodged.

with mod podge

The second one also uses modpodge but, underneath the modpodge is some pretty tissue paper. You can use tissue paper or napkins  as show in The idea room and I’ll bet that you can even use a few different types of napkins and tissue paper to cover the whole thing. You don’t need to cover these first since the papers will cover the whole pot.

tissue paper

 This next one is a mixture of the other two but, can fit more into the recycling type of crafts. It’s from crayola and uses crayon wrappers to collage and cover the whole pot.

crayone wrappers

#4 brings you mosaic flower pots from  Bakersfield Mom. Instead of using glue to attach the mosaic pieces you use grout as in a real mosaic.



This next one from nurture store makes garden sculptures out of flower pots but, she has the children using a tape resist effect on the pots for a  tape resist garden sculpture.

tape resist


The last one is one I’ve seen on many blogs but, I do think it came originally from in lieu of preschool. It’s rainbow pour painting   and it makes the most gorgeous flower pots that I’ve seen. It does make quite a mess though, so you must be real prepared for this one.

rainbow pour


Go  ahead ,  decorate  a flower pot and enjoy making it come alive with some soil and seeds.


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