Easter egg people (or maybe just plain oval people?)

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When a holiday comes around what lots of people do is to use the symbols of the holiday to spark their creativity in coming up with projects for their children. This project was simply to use the egg shape, which is an oval of course, to get children to create egg people.

Now mind you this is only one example but, you will see that different ages can do different things with these ovals.

I first made a few ovals of different sizes on some tagboard. If the children are old enough they can cut them out themselves, otherwise you will need to help them with the cutting as an oval is not as easy to cut out as a square is.

oval egg shapesThe best thing to do would be to have the children choose how many egg people they want to make and then paste them onto a darker colored construction paper so they can be seen. They can either do that before they fill in their egg people or after.

Give them an array of materials like seen below and of course include buttons and let them make any kind of people they want.

materials for egg people

Below are 2 examples of individual egg people.

egg person 1

egg person 2

Another way to showcase these egg people is actually to back them with a thick tongue depressor which will make them egg people puppets. They can choose to do as many as they want and make a puppet show with them. Or else make an egg people family on their construction paper or tagboard.

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