If you don’t want a homemade crayon maker, then crayola crayon maker is the way to go

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Crayola Crayon Maker[/ammazon_link]

If you want to take your kids crayon art to a higher level and don’t want to deal with the mess of melting crayons in your own oven then the Crayola Crayon Maker is definitely something you will want to buy for your kids.

It is really recommended for ages 8 and up but, of course if you are close by you can have your younger children watching as well.

As you can see from the image on the left it looks like a little lab and come with a clear plastic lid so the kids can watch as it melts.

The lid has a safety latch so that no small (or big) fingers are in danger of being burned. It comes with already peeled crayons in 4 classic colors. You can always add your own crayons to the mix if you want to use other crayons or more than what they give you.

What happens is that the crayons get melted down in this little crayon maker and then a level tilts the tray that it is melted n and pours it into the molds. It only comes with 4 molds and the crayons do come out a bit small. You will need to buy your own bulb as the lab for some reason does not come with it.

The process takes a long time and the kids get bored watching it. The truth is that the fun in this is using the crayons that  comes out from the melting and not the watching.

Cleanup is quite easy if you do it right away and if you put the mold into the fridge after it is filled for a bit, the crayons will come out easier and it makes it easier to clean.

The crayons come out swirled looking and the kids get a kick out of using these crayons that they made themselves.You will be able to get much more variety if you make them yourselves without the crayon maker abut, again if you want less mess then check out the crayola crayon maker by click on the link below.


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