Chalkboard markers perfect for kids portfolios

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chalkboard marker portfolios

I was recently sent these chalkboard markers to review and I decided I can only review them if I actually saw how they worked in real life. It just so happened that I had bought these hard plastic folders with string enclosures for the kids to use for portfolios.

I had been planning on using sharpies as the regular kids markers don’t really work on plastic.

These chalk markers came at the perfect time and I decided to use these for the kids to decorate them.

One of the main reasons I decided to use them instead of sharpies was because they are  washable. Not only do they wash out well from the kids clothing and skin but, they actually wash off the plastics if there is any mistake. They wash off very easily however, they stay on the plastic if they don’t come into contact with water. They work kind of like wet wipe markers in that sense.

Theses are bright neon markers which little girls (which I teach) absolutely adore.

They go on very smoothly and they also work as window markers and on other non porous surfaces.

As I was getting ready to bring them into school I discovered that my daughter had bought them for my grandchildren and she said they adored them. They spend hours with them and wash off very easily.

The children in my classes loved these chalk markers. The colors are rich and vibrant.Their portfolios look gorgous.

The only complaint I have with the markers is that they take a  while to get started. You need to bang them for 20 seconds for the large size to closer to a minute for the large ones to get the paint flowing. It is well worth it however, and your kids will get so much use from these as they can be used on so many different surfaces.

coloring folders 1

on floor

with stripes

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