Aluminum can crafts: 5 ideas that are quite creative

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art is basic

I actually got the idea to do this post on aluminum can crafts when I saw this great smashed face made out of an aluminum can on art is basic.

I figured I would try to find as many good ideas for you to try with old soda cans.

It was actually not as easy as it sounds since as you probably know, I have very high standards for the kinds of crafts I post on this blog. It can’t be a copycat craft and there must be enough choice in the activity to make it creative.

As a result I only managed to find 5 aluminum can crafts that I felt would be worth trying.

The first is the smashed face above and the second one is, flowers made out of cans below

aluminum can flowers

I got that from Karen lucci.blogspot. It looks like you can embellish the flowers and engrave them as well to make impressions on the flowers.

The third one is aluminum bracelets. There are many variations for those as well.

soda can braceletsYou can find directions at  12craftstillchristmas

Another simple one to do would be to make coasters out of the empty cans below.The more brands you drink, the more coasters you will have.

soda can coastersCheck out The idea room for this.

The last one would be to make cookie cutters. Of course, the ones here look quite perfect but, if you are doing this with young children I would let them make any shapes they want, and then bake cookies with them.  Find this at DIY home sweet home

cookie cutters

 Now the only problem is if you are sugar free and don’t drink any of that junky soda. (like me).

I guess there are always your friends that you can get the cans from.

aluminum can crafts


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