4 Passover (Pesach) Crafts that enhance the Seder

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I happened to be near a wonderful Jewish preschool recently where my sister teaches and was able to get some pictures of the projects she made with her preschool age kids to enhance the children’s Seder  Since the Seder is the highlight of the Passover (Pesach) holiday they concentrated their efforts on making things for the Seder.

The first thing I saw were kiddush cups that they made already in bags hung up to enhance their bulletin board. Since items for the Seder can’t touch any bread or other cakes that are not Kosher for Passover, they were already in bags to keep them clean.

The way they decorated this was as follows. The teacher took a single burner, put in some silver foil cupcake holders and then added different colored crayons to each one. After they were melted, the kids took q- tips and decorated their hard plastic cups with the melted crayons, when they dried they took on a beautiful shiny finish.

kiddush cups


The second project was to make their own towels for part of the Seder which is called “Oorchatz” . The teacher wrote the words in Hebrew on a piece of towel which the children then outlines with puff paint. They were then able to use the puff paint to make some of their own decorations. some of the children enhanced their towels by gluing trimmings to the edges.

oorchatz towel

  The third project was Matzah boxes. There is no bread eaten on Passover and the main food at the Seder is the Matzah.

The children did an art activity with dot art on tag board and the teachers then stapled them into the shape of boxes.

matzah boxes

 The fourth and final project they had there were Afikomen bags. Those are bags that the children sewed for the father of the Seder to hide the matzah in.

They then decorated the bags after the were sewn. It looks like the teacher wrote the Hebrew words Pesach for them to see if they could follow and obviously even though the children are only 4 may of them were able to do it.

afikomen bags

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