2 Mixed media fall projects using warm color tissue paper

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images of trees and fall pictures

These 2 activities had 2 goals.

These were first grade and third grade classes.

The first goal was to introduce the concept of warm colors which we used for the trees.

The second one in the third grade activity was to use the element of space.

On the board was hung a group of line drawings of trees along with a few beautiful fall landscape photos.

The first graders were given sharpies and told to make as many trees as they could on their papers.

The were then allowed to color in their trunks with oil pastels.

The trees on the board were to give them some ideas of various trees.

After their trees were drawn they were given many different squares of tissue papers in the warm colors. Reds, orange, yellow and purple since young children say that there are purple leaves in the fall.

They also got containers of water with brushes.

They placed their pieces of tissue paper over their trees (and many put them all over the whole paper), brushed water over their papers and lifted the tissue paper, dyeing their paper in fall colors.


grade 1 7


grade 1 3

first grade 4 collage

The Fall landscapes with the third graders was a bit more advanced.

They made their horizon lines where their sky met their ground.

They then drew trees in various places on their papers using oil pastels.

They then used tissue paper in a few different ways to add to their trees.

Those that heard instructions painted their skies the colors they chose and their grounds different colors.

Other children ended up using oil pastels for either sky or ground.

I show them many examples for them to see how there is no white in any landscape photo or painting and encourage them to fill up their papers with color.

Some of them used their tissue paper to stamp color onto their paper instead of gluing it on.

grade 3 7

grade 3 4

grade 3 10


3rd grade 4 collage

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