Some summer art activities to make your time outdoors that much more fun

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What makes Summer art different from other kinds of art aside from the fact that it’s done in the summer? I would say it’s when the activities can be done outdoors OR you use materials from outdoors. Agreed? OK so here are some great Summer art activities. Mess doesn’t matter in the Summer when you do art outdoors as you can just hose everyone and everything down.

If you have a problem with messy activities in your home, use the Summer as an opportunity to get in all the messy activities you don’t usually do.

The first one is from Mom to 2 Posh Little Divas and is frozen finger painting . Not frozen fingers, that’s for the winter but, finger painting with frozen paints.

frozen finger painting

The next is quite close. It’s from Growing a Jeweled Rose and even though it seems like I am repeating myself, it is a bit of a different freezy paint  activity.

freezy paint


Then we have sidewalk paint  from Mess for Less. Time to move away from the chalk and hit the sidewalks with paint that washes off from the rain easily. If it doesn’t rain much where you are, then a hose will do it.

sidewalk paint

This bubbles art  from Kids Activities blog is sometimes done at home but, in this case, you can use large sheets of paper and they can make as much of a mess as they want.

bubbles art


Another messy activity that can only be done outside,however is Pendulum painting  on  One Inch world

pendulum painting

And then you can give kids the Tom Sawyer experience and let them paint on a fence. KC Adventures obviously had one available to paint on. If you don’t I don’t think it would be wise to use a neighbors.

fence painting


Of course, there  are the many activities you can do with leaves ,flowers and other outdoor stuff. Here is one where you make fern prints My Nearest and Dearest

fern printing


If you are brave and have windows that are low and a hose nearby then I think the kids will get the biggest kick out of window painting . Check it out on Mess for Less

window paintingHave a great Summer

summer activities roundup



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