Recreating The Grouchy Ladybug (literacy art project)

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grouchy ladybug

It was this afternoon when I found a ladybug in my living room that reminded me that I had not finished posting about our literacy art project from last Summer. We spent the Summer in our art camp reading books and making art that tied into either the characters in the books or mimicked the artists style.

making ladybugs

To recreate the grouch ladybug, the children were given black, red and green papers. For red, I also gave them tissue paper. If you notice in the finished pictures, almost none of them used green. Some of them used black construction paper to create dots and antenna’s but, one child asked for a black marker and then many finished up the dots and lines with markers.

grouchy ladybugs materials

They had the book to look at to get an idea of what the grouchy ladybug looked like and I usually like to give them more than one rendition of a subject. In this case, they were able to look through the book which did have a few different views of how a ladybug can look.

ladybug 1

ladybug 3

ladybug 4

ladybug 5

ladybug 6

ladybug 7

ladybug 8

ladybug 9

Even though many of the pictures did not resemble ladybugs that closely, the fact that they used the right colors made them look as close to ladybugs as they could make them. The fact that some of them chose interesting views to copy also made them look a bit lopsided.These were 4 and 5 year old children.

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