Mixed media art on landscapes while learning about foreground and background (art class lesson 7)

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landscape 1

I learned a couple of things from this lesson. It was supposed to be a mixed media art project teaching about foreground, midground and background. (which is really perspective)

I think when I do this again (which I will be doing with another class this week) I will probably stick to foreground and background for now as mid ground adds too much confusion.

I used 2 things to illustrate some concepts.

The first was the image below where I showed them how the paper was divided into 3.

perspective lines

I explained how the objects we want closer to us go on the bottom of the page and the items far away go on top. As I said, it was a bit too much for this age.

perspective lines with trees

I then showed them how when we add trees higher and higher up the paper they look further and further away to try to give them this concept.

I also then showed them the picture below of a boy and a house.

large boy and large house

Notice how huge he seems next to house as they are both at the bottom of the picture but….

large boy with house far away

move the house up at the top and it just looks further away with the boy not looking so large anymore.

I think this concept will have to be repeated through numerous projects but, some of them really got it the first time.

In any case I had them draw items on white drawing paper and then cut out and paste onto their landscapes where they want those items to be. (Next project I am going to concentrate on foreground first and then background to solidify this concept.)

I gave them markers to color the pictures with and told them to cut them out and paste them where they need to go.

This young lady made picture of someone in the great flood (mabul in Hebrew) The person is lying in the water in the bottom and next to him are the fish. 🙂

landscape 2

In the picture below this girl drew the girl and then pasted her in, but, didn’t want to color and paste anymore so I gave her oil pastels to fill in other stuff she wanted. It added a real extra punch to the artwork. (note the hearts added in as she usually can’t help herself from adding hearts to any of her pictures)  landscape 3

The girl below wanted to draw some boats in her water but, didn’t know how. I pulled out an encyclopedia and showed her a page of boats. She chose the ones she wanted, drew, cut, colored and pasted. (in the right spots to show them further away)landscape 4

The next 2 girls wanted to add a house. (I try hard to keep kids that copy each other away from each other so they can develop on their own)They each chose a different house to copy from some pictures I had. I showed them how they did not need to copy the whole house (the houses were huge) but, can choose a part of the picture they needed.

The first girl made her house, added a girl further away holding an umbrella and she added a path from the house to the girl. She then added clouds and rain to complete the picture.landscape 5

The next girl worked carefully on her house. (she kept saying she messed up but, I kept showing her how there is no messing up in art as you can make wrong lines into part of the picture).

She wanted to add a duck (so we found a picture that we used of a duck in a previous class for her to copy) and she added a rainbow in the sky and a boy holding the duck.

landscape 16

The following pictures were done on their own without any of my intervention.

landscape 6 landscape 13 landscape 14

This one was done very quickly and I had to help her along to keep adding to the picture and not be satisfied with a quick draw and paste. She ended up filling it in with lots of houses further back.landscape 15
landscape 17

I personally feel that even though my directions weren’t’ as clear s they could have been that they really look gorgeous. Interestingly I find that the ones drawn in just black marker add a very cool look to the artwork.

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