Why Use a Melissa and Doug Easel for your Child’s Painting Activities

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Melissa and Doug’s art easel

If you are looking for standing art easel for kids then Melissa and Doug’s art easel may be a very good choice for you. Painting for kids is one of the best activities for children  and there are many different types of art easels for kids to paint with. Melissa and Doug  actually make very good products. This easel is very sturdy and its quality is exceptional especially for the price that it is. It’s very colorful, and includes a paper roll holder, a child safe paper cutter, clips for the paper and a plastic tray to hold the paint cups. Having a paper roll included is really cool as I remember when I was a kindergarten teacher having to constantly change the paper for the children. This is so much easier.

The board that holds the paper for painting also doubles as a dry erase board. It can adjust easily for different heights even though very small children may have to stand on a small stool to reach the very top of this children’s art easel. The easel is very easy to put together and folds up easily for storage and you can even lay it flat to put under a bed.

The biggest drawback to this easel is the chalkboard that is on the other side of the dry erase board. If you are buying this for it’s chalkboard you may be better off buying a different easel. Melissa and Doug tell you that you have to prime and sand the chalkboard. May of the people who bought this easel said that it doesn’t work. One innovative customer painted it over with chalkboard paint (that I didn’t even know existed) and it works great for them.

However, the main use for an art easel is usually the space needed for putting the paper to easel paint. Having a dry erase board in my opinion is a lot better than a chalkboard anyway. (I can still hear the chalk grating across the chalkboard in my elementary school classrooms, grating on my ears)

Melissa and Doug tabletop easel

If you want an easel but, don’t have the room for a standing easel you may want to try the Melissa and Doug tabletop easel. This is an easel that you can put on the table and if you want to use it for painting activities then it will work great. As I noted about the standing easel, it is  also easy to fold up and store.

Whichever easel the children do they can be artistic and creative with both types. If the children are learning painting like Kandinsky for kids or more structured types of painting they will certainly enjoy these easels.


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