The lure of lego: Which set is best for your kids

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Almost all little boys love Lego. There are many girls that love it as well but, it is certainly better loved by little boys. The types and amounts of Lego sets available are absolutely staggering. I put together a number of classic and very popular Lego sets that you may want to take a look at.They start with the duplo Lego  which is larger for small fingers and then go to the basic Lego set. There are then hundreds of Lego sets to suit all types of scenarios and scenes. some are in the lower end of pricing and some are quite expensive.

Scroll through these Lego sets, some more creative than others. (Of course the basic sets will always be more creative as they don’t have instructions. The older the kids get however, the more they want to make the Lego sets that have specific instructions on how to create that scene.

Even though you may never have heard of some of these sets, these are some of the most popular sets with the young kids.

Click on any image below to see more details about the set.

Duplo lego

Basic Lego set

Lego zombie

Lego Indiana Jones 2

Lego ww2  weapons

Lego jaws

Lego Jurassic park

Lego Batman 2

Lego ninjago 2012

Lego police station

Lego fire truck

They even have walkie talkies mad out of lego.

Lego walkie talkies

That is barely scratching the surface and there are much, much more than I have here. They have specific sets for girls as well.

Don’t forget that once you have your lego, you may want to check out a great lego table that your kids can play with their lego on.

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