Kids don’t know what to draw? Have them finish the picture

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finish pictures

Sometimes even coloring needs a boost. If you have little girls,then they can usually make an endless amount of hearts and rainbows. There are some times however, that even coloring (and hearts a rainbows) can get a bit boring and you may need to give the children a little boost.

Above are 6 images that you can use to give kids like to draw and color but, are complaining that they don’t know what to draw. Of course, they should not all be given at once, they are just ideas on how to jump start a kids drawing activity that has gone stale.

It reminds me a bit of a post I saw on Teach Preschool where she would add new things to the easel to give painting some more challenges and excitement.

You can decide yourself what materials they can use with this. Crayons, pencils, markers and what about cutting up some collage pieces that are in these shapes and having the children continue.

Another idea would be for the kids to start pictures for each other and let the other one finish it.

I think as long as we keep away from coloring books and sheets, we’ll be OK.

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