See Why The Kidkraft Majestic Mansion or One of The other Kidkraft Dollhouses are so Great

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What are the main benefits in buying one of these Kidkraft dollhouses

If you want your daughter, to squeal with delight then nothing will do it faster than  a kidkraft dollhouse. They are unusual in that they are actually HUGE! The pictures that show little girls standing next to them are not a lie, they are actually as large as they look.

The benefits of having a dollhouse so huge are many. Firstly they can  accommodate dolls up to about12″  like barbie dolls or other lifelike dolls..

They are also large enough for more than one child to play with the dollhouse at once. If you have ever had the experience with trying to get children to take turns using a dollhouse you will know how wonderful the large size is. They are double the dollhouse you get from normal dollhouses and only a bit more expensive.

Because they are so huge and so realistic you you will even find your daughters playing with them at much later ages then other dollhouse. Parents have even reported having their sons play with these as well.

The furniture is great quality for the price and you will have your dollhouse for a long time.

Some of the dollhouses come with an elevator and biggest complaint seems to be that the elevator does not work very well. It may have to do with how well you put it together. Be sure to expect that it will take three hours to put it together unless you are super handy and are used to putting these types of things together.

Even though the dollhouses do take a couple of hours to put together the  directions are well written. They put different screw sizes into separate little  bags which makes them very easy to locate. The parts are strong and well made.

These dollhouse that have so much in them are larger than the popular Barbie townhouse which are more expensive and so realistic.

The 4 different kidkraft dollhouses

There are four main kidkraft dollhouse. You will have to check each one out individually but, I have listed for you some of the basic differences. The differences have to do more with amounts of furniture pieces and style of house. They pretty much have the same kind of construction, size and attention to detail. they also have great customer service. If you are missing a piece you only need to call customer service with the piece number and they will ship it immediately.

The KidKraft Majestic Dollhouse is the Mommy of the dollhouses. It comes with 34 furniture pieces  with 8 rooms of open space to decorate There is also a garage with doors that swing open and close. There is an elevator tat glides back and forth but, as I said before the elevators seem to be the weakest point of the dollhouse. There are also nice wide windows on both sides so the kids can view the dolls inside the house from different on image below to get more details

TheKidkraft Designer Dollhouse has 11 pieces of furniture. This dollhouse has 3 levels of open space, including bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. It also has a 2 beautiful curved staircase. there are lots of windows in this dollhouse as well. The walls are very bright and vibrant and the furniture is fun and even goes well  with most of the Barbie sized on image below to get more details

The KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse has16 colorful pieces of furniture. This dollhouse has 3 levels as well and even has a hanging  chandelier. There  elaborate, heart-shaped latticework  in this house which makes it look really beautiful. It also has the on image below to get more details

The Kidkraft new Savannah Dollhouse has 13-Pcs. of colorful furniture. It is an elegant, large six-room mansion in Southern style with loads of Southern charm. It has 6 rooms of open space and also has may windows. In true southern style it has a full outdoor patio on image below to get more details

Whichever kidkraft dollhouse you get for your daughter, granddaughter, niece or friends daughter she is sure to be delighted and to spend hours of creative play with it.

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