Looking for a kitchen that’s not only good for girls but boys too? Then check out the kidkraft uptown espresso kitchen 53260

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Uptown Espresso Kitchen - KidKraft Furniture - 53260

There are so many kids kitchens around for you to choose and most of them are for girls. The KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen however, is one that can be used equally as well for boys as girls since it is gender neutral.

The truth is that most little boys playing in these kitchens don’t care that much about playing in a pink kitchen but this is so much much and will make mom and dad feel more comfortable about purchasing this kitchen for their girls and boys.

It’s also a very hip ,modern looking kitchen that has a microwave and freezer that are not just painted on but, you can actually put things into it. The water dispensed they have is also real PLUS a real phone. There is a real chalkboard and a cutting board that is removal exactly like in Moms kitchen.So many of these kitchens have very fake looking appliances and these appliances make it much for fun for the kids to use

It’s a tall kitchen so it’s good for children older than toddlers as well. Two children can play with it very comfortably.

Even though Kidkraft is extremely customer relations friendly about replacements that break you will still have to purchase any accessories you may wish to buy for the kids to use in the kitchen.

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